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Therapeutic Perspective PodcastOff-beat, leading-edge, evidence-based CE Credit Hours

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We feature clinical insight and education based on the current needs and issues in society.  We seek to bring you content that is focused on exactly what you need to know from specialists in the mental health field.  We have covered topics that include the psychological issues that have risen as a result of the pandemic, ways in which you can incorporate the outdoors into your practice, the basics of REBT and so much more! Added bonus, if you are a mental health clinician you can obtain CE credit hours from NBCC.

Why get your CE credit hours from us?

We seek to deliver information that we hear you talk about! How do we do this? Well, we are currently working in the field and seek to deliver information that we are curious about as well. We also take feedback from our listeners and fellow clinicians, then develop shows based on your needs.

How to Obtain CE credit hours

Meet The Host

Therapeutic Perspective is a podcast for mental health clinicians. It serves as a means to educate professionals on current issues and trends in mental health. All content is brought to you by clinicians for clinicians. We aim to help fellow clinicians structure their treatments and support their clients based on evidence based practice and current research.

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