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Specialist Openings

Being on our show serves as an opportunity for you to grow yourself professionally and share with others your knowledge and expertise. As host of Therapeutic Perspective, I find the experience invigorating and fulfilling. Each time we wrap up, I cannot wait to meet and talk with our next featured specialist. Being on the show serves as a means to connect with other professionals in mental health, share your passion and work. It may also increase your referrals while promoting your practice/business. All featured specialist must hold a masters in the mental health field and have a minimum of 5 years’ experience post graduate. 

The studio is located in Nazareth, PA and professional sanitization of the studio is completed prior to recording in response to COVID-19. Host, producer, and featured specialist are the only persons permitted in the studio at this time. If you want the opportunity to be featured on our podcast click the link below to apply. Please note that there is no compensation for being a featured specialist at this time. 

Have an idea? E-mail us at

Click the link to apply to be a guest!

Our Guest

How to Obtain CE credit hours:



Listen to the show on your
preferred podcast platform or right on our website.



Sign up for a Therapeutic
Perspective membership account.



Pay for your CE credit hour
after you listen to a show's podcast.



Complete the quiz for the CE credit hour
podcast you purchased.



Complete the Evaluation for
the CE credit hour podcast you purchased.



Receive your CE credit
hour certificate via email after each completion.